Romance is in the Air: Get Your Face Date Ready!

10 Feb Romance is in the Air: Get Your Face Date Ready!

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Valentine’s Day is an exciting time to celebrate your love for someone else, whether the relationship is fresh or this is your 10th year together, it’s important to look great on your romantic night out. But, the harsh conditions of the winter months have taken a toll on your skin. Today we will lather up great ways to refresh your skin and leave you glowing this Valentine’s day.

Let’s start with the part of your body that will get the most attention that evening, your face of course. You’ve noticed some patches of dry skin and an overall dullness from the cold and wind. Not to mention that you have about as much color as Casper the friendly ghost. What must be done here is to brighten up that face! First, get a gentle face exfoliator. They have these in different skin types, so if you have sensitive skin, make sure you are purchasing an exfoliator that isn’t going to cause a breakout of red on your face. This exfoliating will get rid of some of that dry dead skin that is weighing you down. Once you’ve exfoliated and have a fresh pallet, add a moisturizer that will help your skin have a little glow and a little less dryness to it.

Now that you have a fresh pallet for your make-up, it’s important to remember not to overdue this. Yes, you have recently been gooping on lots of foundation to cover up your winter damaged skin, but that is just exacerbating the problem. Put a light layer of foundation here. Once you have that, give yourself the added glow with some light shimmering bronzer or light blush. The key here is to give yourself the look of a little sun. Then add some pizazz with darker eye makeup or a bright red lip color to celebrate the day.

Now you have the direction to have your best face forward, but what about the rest of your body, it has gotten a little dry and damaged in the winter months too. To remedy this, let’s start at the very beginning of your evening getting ready, your shower. The key here is to keep it short. I know that is hard to do when you’ve just come inside form a -5 degree winter’s day, but the longer you spend in the steamy shower, the more moisture that is being taken from your skin.

Do you have dry skin patches that are keeping your skin form being silky smooth? That common winter problem can be remedied by two things. First thing is an exfoliating scrub made of honey and sugar. This all natural beauty remedy will help slough away dead dry skin. It is also a good idea to moisturize your body with lotion containing a small amount of salicylic acid in it. This will also help rid you of any dry patches of skin.

Now your face and body are smooth and date ready, there is one last body part that must be addressed and that is your hands. Whether it be a romantic hand-held stroll or simply embracing each other’s hands at dinner, the last thing you want is dry cracked hands, or even worse, hands slimy from lotion. To mend this, try and moisturize your hands as much in the days before your date. Also, try and avoid harsh hand soaps. But it’s the winter and germs are running rampant, so grab a moisturizing bacterial hand wash to keep with you for just that reason.

Now your skin is date ready, ALL you have to do now is pick out an outfit! Get out there and have some fun!

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