Trend Alert: Using Charcoal Products for Skin Care

25 Feb Trend Alert: Using Charcoal Products for Skin Care

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In a world of skin care promises and beauty potions aplenty, it is sometimes hard to sort through all the hype and trends to find best products and treatments for your skin. And there’s a new one in the mix: the charcoal trend. Let’s talk about charcoal, what is it, what it’s used for, and whether it’s really all its hyped up to be.

First off, what do we mean we talk about charcoal for your skin? Are we talking about Fourth of July barbecue charcoal? Well, yes and no. Charcoal used for health reasons is pretty much the same charcoal you would use in a grill; it is heated to a high temperature then put into capsules in powder form to be used for medical purposes, which is now called activated charcoal. So, yes it is the same as that type of charcoal, but don’t try and grind up a briquette from your grill.

So, what does activated charcoal do for you? Charcoal is a powerful detoxifier that has been used since ancient times. It can do this within your body but also has the qualities to pull toxins out of your skin. That is why activated charcoal is a great way to help lessen acne. Clogged pores cause acne, and the charcoal has the ability to pull those pore-clogging toxins out of your skin. Aside from its detoxifying properties, products with activated charcoal have been shown to speed up the recovery of wounds on the skin.

What else can you use charcoal for? Well, natural teeth whitening is another use for activated charcoal. Sounds crazy, right? How does a black powdery substance whiten your teeth? But it’s true. If you add a little bit to your toothpaste, it will help whiten your teeth without the harsh agents used by other teeth whitening products. Warning: You will look a little crazy with black stuff in your teeth while you’re brushing, but don’t worry – it goes away when you rinse.

So, how do you use this mysterious sounding substance? There are a couple different ways. You can purchase pure activated charcoal and create your own face masks and washes. This is pretty simple, and you can find a plethora of concoctions on the Internet. If you go this route, be aware that activated charcoal can get a little messy and can stain your clothes, so wear an old shirt during your creation and application process. If you’re not ready to get messy or aren’t the type of person who likes to create their own product, you can find many different brands that include charcoal in their skin care lines.

Obviously, if you’re struggling with a serious skin issue, the best thing to do is visit your dermatologist to get to the source of your particular problem. But you’re just looking to experiment with the latest skin care trend, give activated charcoal a shot. The ancient Egyptians probably did.

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