Celebrate International Flirting Week!

17 Feb Celebrate International Flirting Week!

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Did you know the third week of February is International Flirting Week? Yes, that’s right. Instead of worrying about being single on Valentine’s Day this past weekend, you could be looking forward to celebrating an entire week that could help you snag next year’s Valentine. And why not dedicate seven whole days to the ancient and timeless art of flirting? The eye contact, the coy smile, the thrill of the hunt…flirting is fun! Or at least it should be. If the thought of going out on the town and getting your flirt on sends you into a full-blown anxiety attack, don’t fret. Here are some simple ways to ease the pressure and ensure you step out with the confidence that is key to a successful night of flirting.

Call For Backup

FACT: There is power in numbers. Pick up your phone and call your friends to schedule a night of living it up at the hottest places in town. Remember, you want to go out to places that attract people who are likely to have similar interests as you. Not to generalize or stereotype, but if you’re into indie music, you may want to avoid the bro club and check out a lower-key bar with a great juke box and some pool tables. Rally your sidekicks and wing women, choose a night, mark your calendar and start prepping!

Treat Yourself

Go ahead, you won’t regret it. Schedule a relaxing facial a few days before your night out. Let a professional ease your frazzled nerves and pamper your skin. No one can deny the importance of a healthy skin care regimen. Getting facials on the regular is an easy way to ensure glowing, clear skin all year round. Now when your stellar flirting skills get you up close and personal to Mr. Right, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re putting your best face forward.

Don’t Lay It On Thick

When it’s time to put on your face, don’t cover up that new, glowing skin with layers and layers of makeup. Let your fresh, dewy complexion and your natural beauty shine through. Use your cosmetic arsenal to play up your favorite features and get the ultimate come-hither, flirty look – but opt to play up one main feature, such as eyes or lips, rather than two or three, which can give you an overly made-up, clownish look. A subtle, smoky eye will do wonders when you hold his gaze for the first time. Crazy raccoon eyes might get his attention, too, but not in the way you want. Lastly, choose a lip color that has some staying power, so you won’t be worrying about touch­ups. You’ll be too busy having fun and commanding the room.

Dress For Success

Dressing the part means you need to trade in your yoga pants and favorite oversized tee for something, ahem, a bit more exciting. Although being comfortable is important, you still want to make some effort. When you’re rifling through your closet like a crazy woman, pick something that makes YOU feel good. You may be tempted to wear that fussy cocktail dress that’s been hanging in your closet with no place to go, but first ask yourself if you are going to feel truly comfortable and confident in it. Constantly tugging at and adjusting your ensemble is going to seriously cut into your eye contact and eyelash batting time and make you feel less confident. A nice pair of jeans and a fun top can be just as alluring as a dress, but you’ll still feel like yourself.


Smile, smile and smile some more! Flirting is about having fun and feeling good. You’ve got your girl posse at your side, and you’re ready to face the world – or at least that handsome creature sitting across the bar. No man will be compelled to saunter over and have a chat with the sulky girl in the corner, at least not any man you would be interested in. Hold your head high, show off those pearly whites and be excited about the possibilities – all of which should be pretty easy because you will be looking and feeling your best.

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