Ulmer Dermatology

07 May Eating for Healthy Skin

It's no wonder that what is healthy for the inside of our body is also healthy for the outside as the saying goes. "You are what you eat!" The skin thrives on seven basic elements; silica, zinc, omega-3, selenium and vitamins A, C and E....

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05 Mar 10 Tips for Winter Skin Care

Winter can be a brutal time for your skin. Follow some of our helpful tips to make sure you maintain a healthy glow all year round - no matter what the weather is showing outside!Moisturize It’s always important to make sure that your skin is moisturized...

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14 Feb Show Yourself Some Love

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly about love. We spend time, money and effort making sure those closest to us know how we feel: cards, chocolate and jewelry. But how many of you do something for yourself to show love? I bet not many. This Valentine’s Day...

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